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Council 6332 Officers (2023-2024) – email FS for more info

  • Grand Knight: Jim Messmer
  • Chaplain: Fr. Brandon Lopez
  • Deputy Grand Knight: Mike Urratio
  • Financial Secretary: Sean Gawne ([email protected])
  • Chancellor: Tracy Higuchi
  • Recorder: Al Dillingham
  • Treasurer: William Daly
  • Advocate: Steve Shekerlian
  • Warden: Bert Munoz
  • Lecturer: Norm Abbod
  • Inside Guard: Thomas M Real
  • Outside Guard: Mario Alegre
  • One Year Trustee: Joe Alber
  • Two Year Trustee: Anthony DiBernardo
  • Three Year Trustee: Jim O’Hearn
  • Community Director: Anthony DiBernardo
  • Family Director: Terry Koressel
  • Life Programs Director: Ronald Cichocki
  • Membership Director: vacant
  • District Deputy: Dan Hoffman
  • Insurance Agent: Mark Yubeta